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Shanghai Katalor has 20 year experience of steel products manufacturing and exporting. Our cooperated customers come from countries and areas like South America, North America, Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East. We sincerely service every customer. Whether you cooperate with us or not, we will provide the high-quality steel solutions for you.

Katalor unchangeable concept not only guides the development of every employee but also instruct our behavior. "Customers are always right, and we need to constantly improve ourselves." This motto inspires every Katalor member constantly innovating !

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Get a Quick Quote to receive the stamped parts metal sheet steels. We supply stamped parts metal sheet steels from top quality mills. TIP - Buying boron added stamped parts metal sheet steels will save you money. Go to the Cost Saving Options page to find out more.

Stamping (metalworking) - Wikipedia

Stamping (also known as pressing) is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape. Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press , blanking, embossing ...History · Operations · Stamping lubricant · Simulation · Microstamping · Blanking and Piercing

carbon steel stamped parts metal sheet steels

carbon steel stamped parts metal sheet steels steel plate is structural steels, used for welding, bolting, and more riveted structure.

R&D Update: Hot-stamping boron-alloyed steels for ...

thefabricator› Article› StampingHot-stamped parts are being used increasingly in cars in Europe and North America. Ultrahigh-strength steels, like boron alloys, which meet automotive safety and crash requirements, are difficut to form with cold stamping, so hot stamping with die quenching has been applied.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication. HPL offers a unique metal fabricating service to further enhance our precision metal stamping capabilities.We have the experience & expertise to produce metal cabinets, chassis & countless other flat & formed sheet metal parts—accurately & on time.

R&D Update: Hot-stamping boron-alloyed steels for ...

thefabricator› Article› StampingBy: Taylan Altan, Ph.D. Compared with cold-formed parts, hot-stamped parts provide better formability at high temperatures and exhibit no springback on the final part. Editor's Note: This article is Part II of a three-part series discussing the microstructure of boron steels and coatings on the ...

Deep drawing - Wikipedia

Deep drawing is a sheet metal forming process in which a sheet metal blank is radially drawn into a forming die by the mechanical action of a punch. It is thus a shape transformation process with material retention. The process is considered "deep" drawing when …Process·

Hot stamping of ultra-high strength steel parts ...

Ultra-high strength steel parts are being increasingly produced by hot stamping of quenchable steel sheets. In hot stamping, the quenchable steel sheets are heated to approximately 900 °C to transform the sheets into austenite.

Hot stamping of ultra-high strength steel parts ...

Ultra-high strength steel parts are being increasingly produced by hot stamping of quenchable steel sheets. In hot stamping, the quenchable steel sheets are heated to approximately 900 °C to transform the sheets into austenite.

Stamp Steels, Stamp Steels Suppliers and Manufacturers at ...

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sheet steel stamping parts steels

sheet steel stamping parts steels steel is a building material composed of chemical components such as silicon, sulfur and phosphorus. sheet steel stamping parts steels can be used F, b, z were expressed as boiling steel, semi-static steel, killed steel.

Perforated Metal | Direct Metals

Round Hole Perforated Metal is the most popular style of perforated metal. Perforated sheet offers the widest selection of diameters, gauges, materials and sheet size options. We carry the staggered row and straight row patterns in flat metal sheets and coils.

Sheet Metal Pressed Stamping Parts Manufacturer,Sheet ...

Parts as large as 400mm x 400mm and as thick as 10mm is stamped in house . Close tolerance as close as H7/g6 are achieved with help of post stamping reaming /shaving operation. Experience working with most metal including spring steels/ stainless steels/ pre coated/ stainless steels/ Nickle zinc / …

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Products details 1, Deep drawing stamping parts, stainless steel deep drawn stamped parts are stamped by sheet metal, can also be produced according to customer's drawings and designs.

Metal Stamping | Thomas Engineering | Minneapolis, MN

Some of the most commonly-used sheet metal materials are various types of steel, valued for degrees of strength, relative flexibility, and resistance to corrosion. ... Steels Used for TEC Metal Stamping in Minneapolis, MN” ... steel is commonly used for most metal stamped parts, and its characteristics change with […] Reply. Strengthening ...[PDF]

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Sheet steels have been reclassified in recent years by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), ... capability, improved crash energy management, or for mass reduction through a reduction in sheet metal thickness, or gauge. An increase in strength generally leads to reduced ductility or formability. Care must be taken in designing parts ...[PDF]

UDC 621 . 984 Formability and FEM Simulation of Steel ...

steels with added elements, e.g., Mn and B, are used as materials for hot stamping.2) The typical chemical composition of boron steel ... tance of hot-stamped parts of aluminized steel sheet. 2. Formability of Steel Sheet in Hot Stamping 2.1 Shape fixability in bending work 5, 6)

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When ingots and bars are rolled to rod or sheet, the process can be done hot or cold. Cold rolled steel is often specified for deep drawn and stamped parts due to its favorable surface quality, mechanical properties and formability.

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Spot welding and seam welding are two very popular methods used for sheet metal parts. Spot welding is primarily used for joining parts that normally upto 3 mm (0.125 in) thickness. Spot-weld diameters range from 3 mm to 12.5 mm (0.125 to 0.5 in) in diameter.

Springback prediction in sheet metal forming of high ...

Springback prediction in sheet metal forming of high strength steels. ... a major problem of cold-stamped parts made from such high strength steels is the large springback value. For part manufacturers, achieving the target shape of a formed product made of these steels is challenging. ... During the test sheet specimens of the investigated ...

Stainless Steel Stamped Parts - Manufacturers, Suppliers ...

Contact verified Stainless Steel Stamped Parts Manufacturers, Stainless Steel Stamped Parts. ... We are reckoned in the industry as the best manufacturer and supplier of stainless steel sheet metal parts. We engineer durable stainless steel components in various dimensions and grades. ... Stainless Steels are high alloy steels that can be ...

Systematic process improvement during the forming process

Systematic Process Improvement enables engineers to systematically improve the forming process. As the result of the continuously increasing geometrical complexity of stamped parts as well as the numerous applications of high-strength steels, sheet metal forming process is …

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